Wedding Song Upgrade of the Day: The Piano Guys take on “Pachebel’s Canon in D.” Here’s their explainer:

It’s the same 8 notes over and over and over again. The good news is, it’s easy to memorize. The bad news is you don’t know when to stop. There’s a rumor floating around that says Pachelbel either died while writing it, never finishing the cello part, or that he dated a cellist and it did NOT go well. :PThis arrangement is dedicated to all the cellists that have fallen asleep while playing this song…or at least wanted to fall asleep.

Ahem…all the bitter cello-malice aside, Pachelbel’s Canon in D (written in the 1600′s) has stood the test of time — celebrated as the most recognizable piece of classical music. We like to call it the “one-hit wonder of the 1600′s.”